Precision movement tracking for personalized MSK care

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Pioneering a new standard in advanced motion technology

Hinge Health is pioneering a new gold standard in advanced motion technology. Hinge Health members have access to both wearable sensors and computer vision technology, a combination that expands the potential of digital exercise therapy and enables our Clinical Care Team to deliver the most personalized care.

person doing exercise and being monitored with monitors
person doing exercise and being monitored with sensors
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Precision tracking

Only Hinge Health’s computer vision technology tracks more than 85 joints and reference points on the body to measure human movement. Hinge Health’s motion-tracking technology enables precise measurement of full-body movement.

Expanding the scope of digital MSK care

Full-body motion assessments objectively measure a participant’s functional ability across parameters such as strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Rehab programs for historically difficult-to-treat conditions of the hands, neck, and head can be delivered digitally because of the speed and accuracy of computer vision and the extensive data it generates.

Tracked movements during yoga

Designed with privacy as a priority

The nation’s largest organizations trust Hinge Health. We are HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-2 compliant. Our computer vision technology runs entirely on the member's mobile device.

Learn how you can personalize MSK care for your members

Listen to a fireside chat with AutoZone’s VP benefits, compensation, and HR systems, Matt Harmon, to learn strategies to improve healthcare personalization to move the needle on member experience and improve clinical and financial outcomes.


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