Strategies to Manage Rising Musculoskeletal Care Costs


Over the last ten years, musculoskeletal (MSK) care costs have been on the rise–but what’s behind these cost increases and how can health insurance providers manage these costs through better care strategies? Based on analyzing musculoskeletal medical claims data from 40 million Americans at leading health insurance providers, this webinar will reveal that overuse of MRIs, more expensive treatments such as spinal fusion implants, and easier access to outpatient procedures like injections and other non-invasive procedures are the culprits behind rising MSK costs.

Based on these insights, the webinar will offer strategies for health insurance providers to manage these rising costs, including a case study featuring how a large employer partnered with their health insurance provider to offer personalized MSK care.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The state of MSK 2021: What’s behind rising MSK costs over the last decade
  • Musculoskeletal care strategies to manage these costs and drive better member outcomes


  • Rebecca Eads, Total Rewards Manager at HollyFrontier
  • Raymond Hwang, MD, Medical Director at Hinge Health


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